The Bijoux Racing Collection

Bijoux Racing consists of two separate collections.

The main collection, Pret a Porte or ready to wear is made using original propriatory parts from the formula one car but these parts have not been raced yet, allowing for pieces to be produced in some type of quantity.

While the Haute Couture range is bespoke, using parts that have come off the F1 cars of both Renault drivers from all of the races.

These are one off pieces or limited series due to the scarity of the parts taken off at each race with the added benefit of having all of the technical information of the part used along with a certificate of authenticity stating which race it came from and which driver was at the wheel at the time.

These pieces are made to order and allow much more creativity with the materials used in conjunction with each original formula one part. Designs have consisted of platinum, white gold, sapphires and diamonds, all of course depending on the budget of the client.

This is really creative recycling, using bits that would otherwise go unused and the team’s profits go back to research and development of the new car helping to stay on top of the tree in this very competitive world of Formula One racing.

Since this concept has gathering momentum, Racer X Designs is being commissioned to design other bespoke items using other motorised parts and apparel with a racing theme.

We are always open to new ways of looking at something and design commissions for unique pieces are welcome.

Click here to see the main Bijoux Racing collection.